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Technical Requirements

We have designed our online courses to be accessed by today's computer users. To take our online courses you will need access to a computer with the following requirements:

CPU (Processor)
Intel Pentium 4 or higher
At least 512 MB
Hard Drive
250 MB free space

SVGA monitor
Display Settings:
1024 x 768 resolution
Display Color Quality
Highest Possible
Operating System
Windows XP or higher
Internet Service Provider

Cable or ADSL line
Internet Browser
Mozilla Firefox (highly recommended) or Internet Explorer 6.0
A valid e-mail address. To prevent our e-mails from being blocked, please add the sender (of any e-mails you receive from us) to your address book. Alternatively, add *@uscareerinstitute.edu and *@westondistancelearning.com if your e-mail client allows.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Needed to view PDF files.
Adobe Flash Player
Needed to view virtual lab files.
Word Processor
You will need access to Microsoft Word (or a word processor that can save files in a format compatible with MS Word 2003).

Software download

How to allow pop-ups

You will need to allow pop-ups when accessing our site.
To do this within Firefox, click Tools » Options » Content, and click the Exceptions button near "Block pop-up windows." Add online.uscareerinstitute.edu to the list.
To do this within Internet Explorer 6, click Tools » Internet Options » Privacy » Settings. Add online.uscareerinstitute.edu to the list.

Technical Support

If you ever need any technical support with your online course, you can contact our help desk: